The Wrong Door, The Wrong Floor

When Zachary was 2 and Alex 11, we had to vacate Charleston because of the threat of an approaching hurricane. Alex’s grandparents traveled with us to Greenville, SC. Alex, Zachary and his mom and I stayed in one room, and three floors down were their grandparents.

Now we know its tough being a big brother because when the little brother wants something, usually it intrudes on big brother’s schedule…But as it was, after a tiring trip, Zachary wanted to go visit his grandparents in their room. Alex reluctantly agreed to escort his brother down the elevator to their room below. Upon completing his task, he returned to our room to relaxed on the bed and resume watching his television show.

About 5 minutes had passed and the phone rang in our room – it was Alex’s grandparents. They wanted to know when Alex would be bringing Zachary down. Alex’s mom and I thought they were teasing, but then the panic set in…

…Alex had lost our 2 year old.

In Alex’s rush to get back to his television show, he had taken Zachary to the door of a room he believed to be his grandparents, knocked and then ran back to the elevator to return to his television show. As we discovered, NOT only had he taken his little 2 year old brother to the WRONG DOOR, he had left his little brother on the WRONG FLOOR, too.

The good news was that we did find Zachary…

…The bad news was that Alex road back to Charleston in the trunk of the car.

– posted by Dinos & Cherie Liollio


One response to “The Wrong Door, The Wrong Floor

  1. I vaguely remember that, shows you haven’t changed much over the years.

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