Why a blog?

This blog was created for the birthday of Alex Liollio, an individual who we have all grown to love and respect as dearly as a member of the family, who turns the golden 24 on August 24, 2008.

We wanted to try and capture the essence of Alex. We knew that the only way to do so was with the help of all of his friends and family members. These fine people sent in stories, pictures, drawings, and videos that, in their mind, summed up all that is Liollio.

It also made sense to put all of these memories and moments online in the form of a blog, so that everyone can see and take part. It also makes it easy for us to update and constantly add stories about Alex when they occur.

We knew we had to spread the word about the blog to all the world. We started in Raleigh.

Below is a documentation of the process:

Check back often for updates.


One response to “Why a blog?

  1. That makes me ten years younger than you but I’ll always be the tall (and smart) one.

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