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Fact #4

– Caroline Madigan



– pics taken by Tony Brock, Alex’s Graphic Designer professor at NC State, in a London study abroad trip, 2006

The Classic T

They say that clothes don’t make the man.

But if you don’t know these shirts, then you don’t know Liollio.

– a compiled by Alex Ford

Studio Quote Board

The quote board hung on the door in our studio, awaiting thoughtful prose from the young designers.

Here are a few of the best from Mr. Liollio:


Liollio: “Elementary school was like the 9th circle of HELL for me.”

Britt: “How was middle school?”

Liollio: “Ho-hum…”


Graham: “Go get help from the girls in there; they’re compassionate…”

Liollio: “Does anyone in here know ho—”

Colleen: “NOPE.”

Liollio: “I just can’t sit down or sit still — it’s involuntary.”
Liollio: “Violence never hurt anyone.”

Kat: “Dammit! The Greeks are so boring! They . . . oh, sorry Liollio . . .”


-posted by Emily Busey

Indiana Jones, the Love Doctor

I shared several classrooms with Alex Liollio during our years at NC State, but we never hung out really so my memories are limited to such occasions as The Halloween Bash 2003 (Indiana Jones OMG) and The Terror of the 10-Point Type (co-starring Maura).

However I CAN say that Alex is one of the funniest, most interesting, and most unique people I’ve met. Not to mention I’ve never met anyone who is more passionate about everything he does. This is an awesome way to be…I wish I could be a little more like that!

Happy 24th Birthday, Liollio. Here’s to you and all the ways you’ve touched the lives of others!

– posted by Kristen Collosso

Ludacris, the English Scholar

While in studio at NC State, Alex enjoyed reading Ludacris lyrics as if he was reciting Shakespeare poetry. Here are the some of the best lines (From “What’s Your Fantasy?”—revised for the classroom):

We can do it in the pouring rain
Running the train when it is hot or cold out.

How about in the library?
On top of books?
(But Shhh…you can’t be too loud!)

Would you like to make a brother beg for it?
Give me TLC, because you know I would be too proud.

We can do it in the White House.
Try and make them turn the lights out.

How about all the way up in the candy store?
(That chocolate, chocolate, make it melt.)

Whips and chains.
Smack a little booty up with my belt.

William would be proud.

Alex Ford