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Mister, You Are Bald

Alex was around 4 years old.

As everyone that knows Alex today can imagine, he was quite an energized, if not somewhat unpredictable little boy. As the story goes, his mom and I had taken him to a nice restaurant for a Saturday morning breakfast. Upon entering the restaurant, we see sitting at a table by himself a middle aged man. For what ever reason or inspiration, Alex walked up to this gentleman and just blurted, “Hey man, you’re BALD!…..

Being totally embarrassed, we grabbed Alex and profusely apologized to the shaved head man, discussing with Alex throughout his breakfast the importance of discretion and politeness. Alex, feeling remorse, decided at the end of breakfast to amend his earlier gaffe…Soooo, Alex walked up to the gentleman, looked him square in the eyes, and said with all the sincerity of a 4 year old….”I sorry mister for calling you bald, but did you know you were FAT, too.” It was a long time before we’d take Alex out in public, again.

…True story…..

– posted by Dinos & Cherie Liollio (Alex’s parents)


The Last Supper

The day before Liollio began to train for his first marathon and begin his subsequent diet, he had his last “no regrets” meal during lunch at Buffalo Brothers in Raleigh. In a meal that could rival the diet of a one Michael Phelps, Liollio consumed:

•    A solid 6” x 6” block of fried mozzarella cheese (meant as an appetizer for 4)
•    A bacon cheddar cheeseburger, fully loaded
•    A side of cheese fries w/ ranch dressing
•    A side of mashed potatoes and gravy
•    And a few cokes to wash it all down

Liollio to get 9 gold medals in London 2012?

– Matt Herring


Sometimes people come up to you looking like Jesus, and when someone comes up to you and embraces you, and you don’t think you know them, and they know your name, sometimes you really think its Jesus.

Why Alex is Jesus

1. He had the beard and the long hair.
2. Twelve guys follow him around all the time.
3. He can turn water into wine.
4. He’s always there to listen even if its hours of babble.
5. He brought that one guy back from the dead that one time.
6. He hangs out with drunks and prostitutes.
7. Sometimes he rides into town on a donkey.
8. He tells stories that sometimes don’t make sense to most people until you think about it for a while.
9. He can make a lot of food out of not that much.
10. He draws a pretty big crowd.

Okay I first met Alex at a thanksgiving dinner and then a few weeks later at midnight basketball (through Intervarsity Christian Fellowship). But my fondest memory and the beginning of our friendship began months later. I was in downtown Raleigh at First Friday with some friends when this guy yelled my name, came up to me and gave me a huge hug. It took me a minute to realize it was Alex because he looked so much like Jesus. Alex became a great friend since that day—always willing to listen to me vent, always encouraging and always kept me laughing. Thanks for being there. Have a great Birthday!

P.S. Are you Jesus?

– posted by September Pinckney

The Maturation of Alex Liollio

In the beginning Alex Liollio was just a young boy. Girls still had coodies and life was innocent…..

Then along came Middle School and things started happening. Unfortunately Liollio was a late bloomer….

A real late bloomer…

Of course, all things change. Luckily for Liollio, college was just around the corner and there were thousand to choose from….

Luckily he made the right decision and chose these…..

Over these….

And wrapped up this….

So he didn’t get any of these or these….

Rumor has it though, he does have a nasty case of these….

Not to mention these and these….

You definitely don’t want to have either of those!….

*This post brought to you by

Serving Alex Liollio since 1984. P.S. I wouldn’t play the game with him….if you know what I mean…

Weddings & Nipples

Once upon a time there was an outgoing Greek man with a cast on his leg. And thus our story begins…

So when Ford and I were going to Charleston for Tommy V’s wedding last October, we each needed a date – and a place to stay. Who better to fill both of these positions for us than Mr. Alex Liollio? Perfect date, perfect place to stay. I had many many highlights over the course of my weekend in Charleston. The wedding was fantastic – in the old dungeon/jail in downtown Charleston… although the cells in the basement were a bit creepy.

Meeting the Liollios was definitely way up there on my favorites. I remember Liollio’s dad making some of the most amazing food, and the hospitality of your family in general was overwhelming. Then we spent an afternoon out on the boat (with his awesome lil bro Zac of course) touring the channels of Charleston, seeing the suspension bridge – and tubing!! Probably the best thing was getting to meet his grandparents – my first introduction into the world of 100% Greek 100% of the time. They were lovely.

But my Liollio moment came on the boat. We were cruising around near downtown and were about to pass the Battery – the place where all the tourists are overlooking the water. And as we go by – what do Ford and Liollio decide they should do? Bare their nipples and scream like rednecks at the top of their lungs. Fantastic. And if I remember correctly we actually went by for a 2nd round of “Show Your Nipples to the Tourists”.

You’re a blast, Liollio. Happy Birthday.

– posted by Richelle Hollingshead

Pink Monkeys For Breakfast?

Alex’s first visit to Iowa/Illinois…and all he wanted to do was eat pink monkeys!  I was wondering if that’s a cavity that I see on that tooth!

Marcia Nelson (Dan Barnes’ Aunt)

Homemade Food & Congealed Syrup

In the sum of my experiences with Alex Liollio, I have learned two solid facts: he eats anything and everything, and he occasionally looks like Jesus.

Alex came to our house normally for the sole purpose of eating as much of my mother’s homemade food as possible. This became particularly apparent the night I came home from a hard day’s work looking forward to a large bowl of chicken and noodles (a favorite of my mother’s that prepares dinner for five with leftovers for at least a few weeks). I knew my luck had run out when I noticed a white Jeep with a South Carolina sticker parked in the driveway. When I got into the house, I learned not only was every bite of chicken and noodles gone, but ‘the boys’ weren’t home because they had gone out… to Wendy’s. Unbelievable.

A year or two later, I learned a little more of just what Alex Liollio was willing to eat. It was a bright day at the ballpark in St. Louis, and Alex Ford, Dan Barnes, Andy Nelson, and I were enjoying some normal ballpark snacks.

Apparently, normal ballpark snacks weren’t enough for Alex Liollio. It was then that we all spotted a vendor that had sold all of his rainbow ices. What remained was the thick, brownish syrup that had congealed all morning in the bottom of the vendor’s bin. Andy suggested it might be a good idea for Liollio to consume said syrup. Thirty-two dollars later (eight of it the vendor’s own money), Liollio finished off a nice tall glass full of possibly the most disgusting substance I have ever seen.

Despite all of these events, people seem to like having Liollio around. From this, I can draw only one conclusion: Alex Liollio must be pretty damn awesome.

And he is.


posted by Karen Barnes (Dan Barnes’ sister)