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Studio Quote Board

The quote board hung on the door in our studio, awaiting thoughtful prose from the young designers.

Here are a few of the best from Mr. Liollio:


Liollio: “Elementary school was like the 9th circle of HELL for me.”

Britt: “How was middle school?”

Liollio: “Ho-hum…”


Graham: “Go get help from the girls in there; they’re compassionate…”

Liollio: “Does anyone in here know ho—”

Colleen: “NOPE.”

Liollio: “I just can’t sit down or sit still — it’s involuntary.”
Liollio: “Violence never hurt anyone.”

Kat: “Dammit! The Greeks are so boring! They . . . oh, sorry Liollio . . .”


-posted by Emily Busey