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We found this and thought you might be interested

– Katie Nordt & Justin LaRosa


The Turtle Dance (Why you should never challenge Liollio to a dance-off)

It was a late night in Peru (ok, it was only 10pm but it felt way later) and we had all drank one too many Pisco Sours. We were at our hostel not quite ready for bed when Emily, Graham, Liollio and I began to discuss all the awesome dance moves we knew how to do. As you know, when discussing dance moves you cannot just describe them. You have to demonstrate.

We started with the easy ones everyone knew: The MC Hammer, The Roger Rabbit, Cabbage Patch, The Butterfly… each one more intricate and impressive than the previous.

Then Alex says, “Oh yeah, well do you know… The Turtle?”

Emily, Graham and I looked at each other in confusion, “The what!?”

Alex hesitated to demonstrate. For some reason, he thought we already knew about this dance made infamous during his time at Clemson (I think). After much begging, he finally agreed to a one time performance.

Lucky for you all, I was able to sneak a couple shots of “The Turtle” in action. (If you move your eyes back and forth really quickly, you can get the effect—stupid wordpress won’t take animated gifs.)

– posted by Colleen Simon

Scandel in the Andes!

Many of you know that Liollio has a girlfriend here in the states (I hear she’s pretty nice). But did you know that he also has a wife!? They met on his vacation in Peru last fall and it was love at first sight.

Can you really blame the guy?

– posted by Colleen Simon