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Homemade Food & Congealed Syrup

In the sum of my experiences with Alex Liollio, I have learned two solid facts: he eats anything and everything, and he occasionally looks like Jesus.

Alex came to our house normally for the sole purpose of eating as much of my mother’s homemade food as possible. This became particularly apparent the night I came home from a hard day’s work looking forward to a large bowl of chicken and noodles (a favorite of my mother’s that prepares dinner for five with leftovers for at least a few weeks). I knew my luck had run out when I noticed a white Jeep with a South Carolina sticker parked in the driveway. When I got into the house, I learned not only was every bite of chicken and noodles gone, but ‘the boys’ weren’t home because they had gone out… to Wendy’s. Unbelievable.

A year or two later, I learned a little more of just what Alex Liollio was willing to eat. It was a bright day at the ballpark in St. Louis, and Alex Ford, Dan Barnes, Andy Nelson, and I were enjoying some normal ballpark snacks.

Apparently, normal ballpark snacks weren’t enough for Alex Liollio. It was then that we all spotted a vendor that had sold all of his rainbow ices. What remained was the thick, brownish syrup that had congealed all morning in the bottom of the vendor’s bin. Andy suggested it might be a good idea for Liollio to consume said syrup. Thirty-two dollars later (eight of it the vendor’s own money), Liollio finished off a nice tall glass full of possibly the most disgusting substance I have ever seen.

Despite all of these events, people seem to like having Liollio around. From this, I can draw only one conclusion: Alex Liollio must be pretty damn awesome.

And he is.


posted by Karen Barnes (Dan Barnes’ sister)


Alex the Liar

While we have many fond memories and humorous moments spent with Alex, I must expound on an event which occurred in September 2007.  Dan, Alex, and Alex were bound for St. Louis to visit Karen and attend a CUBS/Cardinals game series.  The 3 “boys” had decided to meet at the Barnes’ house so Kathi could drive them to the airport to catch their flight.  Dan and Alex Ford traveled together and arrived at the allotted time, but Liolio failed to show. 




We called to see if he was close and were informed he had left work and was on his way.  He still didn’t arrive and time was getting short.  Another call was made and Alex informed us that he had just exited the interstate and was on his way onto Leesville Rd, less than 5 minutes from our house.  Since Alex has been known to take a few liberties in his story telling, and his timing was not as it should have been, we decided he just outright lied to us so we wouldn’t leave without him.  Dan said, “Alex, our flight leaves in 45 minutes and it takes 15 to get to the airport!” 



Finally pulling into the drive, Alex jumped out of the car, grabbed a pile of clothes and a travel bag (he hadn’t packed yet) and jumped into the back seat of the Barnes’ car for the ride to the airport.  As we zipped through the rain, hoping against hope that the security line at airport would be short and they would actually make their flight, we gave Alex grief about his tardiness, which he just didn’t seem to be too concerned about. 


Upon arrival at the departure terminal, Alex opened the car door to discover his CUBS shirt, which he intended to wear to the game that night, had fallen out of his hands and gotten caught in the car door when he’d gotten in.  It was soaking wet and I remember he took an extra minute before heading inside to wring out the rain water. 



The 3 actually did make their flight and the CUBS had a winning weekend, during which Alex wore the above mentioned shirt, no laundering involved!


We always enjoy time spent visiting with Alex and know for a fact, that if invited for dinner, left-overs will be non-existent and stories will abound!


On a more serious note Alex, we are pleased to be addressed as Mom & Dad when you come to visit and feel fortunate that Dan has such a good friend in you.  You fit in with any age group in any situation and we are always happy to include you as part of the family.  Happy Birthday Alex!


Kathi & Jeff Barnes (Dan’s Mom & Dad)