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Dancing Machine

One thing about Liollio is that he is not afraid to get down on the dance floor. Some of his better dancing accomplishments that I have been witness to include:

• Freak dancing with a 45 year old woman (who claimed Liollio looked like Johnny Depp) at 42nd St Oyster Bar. All on a $5 bet.

• Dancing with the much older wives of John Deere executives from the corporate Christmas party next door to ours. John Deere is a client of ours, we were specifically asked to be on our best behavior during our Christmas party and do nothing to jeopardize this client relationship.

• Spinning around on the floor at Jessica Padgett’s wedding while encircled by a group of people cheering.

– Matt Herring


Weddings & Nipples

Once upon a time there was an outgoing Greek man with a cast on his leg. And thus our story begins…

So when Ford and I were going to Charleston for Tommy V’s wedding last October, we each needed a date – and a place to stay. Who better to fill both of these positions for us than Mr. Alex Liollio? Perfect date, perfect place to stay. I had many many highlights over the course of my weekend in Charleston. The wedding was fantastic – in the old dungeon/jail in downtown Charleston… although the cells in the basement were a bit creepy.

Meeting the Liollios was definitely way up there on my favorites. I remember Liollio’s dad making some of the most amazing food, and the hospitality of your family in general was overwhelming. Then we spent an afternoon out on the boat (with his awesome lil bro Zac of course) touring the channels of Charleston, seeing the suspension bridge – and tubing!! Probably the best thing was getting to meet his grandparents – my first introduction into the world of 100% Greek 100% of the time. They were lovely.

But my Liollio moment came on the boat. We were cruising around near downtown and were about to pass the Battery – the place where all the tourists are overlooking the water. And as we go by – what do Ford and Liollio decide they should do? Bare their nipples and scream like rednecks at the top of their lungs. Fantastic. And if I remember correctly we actually went by for a 2nd round of “Show Your Nipples to the Tourists”.

You’re a blast, Liollio. Happy Birthday.

– posted by Richelle Hollingshead